About Me[Old]

My name is Matthew Lamont: freelance IT consultant and computer programming student.

I am CompTIA A+ and MOS 2013 certified in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. My experience goes back several years and includes teaching computer basics, basic programming, computer repair, and MS Access database design and management.

I primarily write for Random Thoughts, my blog dedicated to technology and philosophy. Random Thoughts has covers things as mundane as getting started with computers to major projects like making a video game. The introduction to computers series is great for teaching someone how to use a computer for the first time.

The majority of my film work has been with my Church, but I have worked on a short documentary on Charlie Brown Farms and a few cultural events. I can do both filming and editing. I am familiar with both Adobe Primer Pro and Cyberlink Power Director.

If you wish to hire me, fill out my contact form and we will get in touch. I am available for whatever you need: help setting up a new media center, writing an informative article, or filming an event.

Other Projects

Not only do I volunteer to film for my church, but also work the sound system. This has given me a basic understanding mixers, microphones, and audio engineering.

I have deployed a couple of WordPress websites and have experience with both setup and long term maintenance.

The Alchemist, a computer RPG I am currently working on. It began as a small project for a independent game maker contest in 2015. It now has a fully playable demo. This project continues to teach me valuable skills in programming, writing, and design. You can read more about it here.

There are many things that interest things in this world and there is much to learn. To see all of my work, from photography to videos, take a look at my Projects page.

Thank you for your time.