Web Development

Sandi's Website
Sandi’s Crafty Corner. A small craft and event planing business.

Everyone needs a website nowadays. I am still learning, but I do have experience with Joomla and WordPress. I have also put together a website for the small business Sandi’s Crafty Corner. I manage both this website and Random Thoughts.

My experience is limited, but I am learning and willing to do websites for personal and small business use, just fill out my contact form.

The Alchemist

A computer RPG following a young alchemist as he learns about the world. This game is still in development, but a playable demo is available. You can check it out here.


I ran a YouTube channel where I stored videos I took for my church and other projects I have done. All videos for my church are done without a script or prior notice of what will happen, thus there may be some hard cuts and movements. This environment greatly improved my filming skill.

I have also filmed small events and a short documentary.

I film many activities at New Life Fellowship, but most are Pastor Vern’s sermons.

A few friends and I made a documentary on Charlie Brown Farms, a local business. I worked on film and editing as did others.